Hi, I am Stella, the night-wise owl. I volunteer for ANSA, well I was actually drafted, but that is another story.  My job is to exchange information with festival volunteers to make their participation as trouble-free and rewarding as possible.  
If I sound a bit grumpy, I'm sorry, but working with human-brained volunteers can be trying, and my regular job keeps me up all night. So, here we go!

First things first; where are you gonna stay?

So, the event is free. We only ask volunteers to register to facilitate communication and to know what resources we have to work with.

The first task is to make sure our volunteers have accommodations lined up. The basic option is the volunteer group campground, $5 per person for two nights. Only a tree limb could be cheaper, and there is no more pleasant time of the year to camp in Arkansas. Awakening with the day shift birds on a crisp morning is hard to beat. Doing so in the company of others who share an interest is all the better.

You might want to come a day early, perhaps float the river on Friday, or hike. If there is enough interest, we might have a special event just for volunteers Thursday night.  If that suits you, choose the three-night option for $10 per person.  Use the appropriate PayPal buttons on the right to reserve your spot.*

Too much nature for you, a dormitory arraignment or a shared cabin at around $50 a night is possible if enough people are interested.  Select that on the form below, and we will see what can be done.

Many other options are noted on the festival webpage, including cabins, lodges, RV parks, and other nearby campgrounds. If go that route, select "I will take care of it myself."

*Someone will ask why three nights are twice as much as two.  I don't make those decisions. I am sure there is a good reason as the humans running this are pretty smart as humans go. At least they know enough to appreciate the night.

Notice! Our reserved campsites are almost gone. We may have a few left.  If not we can guide you to nearby options.  Email, [email protected] and indicate you are a potential volunteer and need a campsite. 


Miscellaneous Quaries

The form below is where we get some information from you. Don't skip this step.  Not only is it essential for the management of the event, but it is also the only practical way we can communicate with all volunteers collectively. Also, we are polling to see what interest there might be in an event just for volunteers on Thursday night, the 20th. Complete the form and hit the subscribe button.  you will get an email asking you to confirm your subscription.  You are NOT subscribed until you do so.

Finally, you might want the t-shirt.  If so, you can find that in the festival store on the festival webpage

A note about clouds

It is a bummer when clouds attend a star party - they are not invited.  October is the least cloudy night of the year, but it can still happen.  So we have alternative programming for cloudy nights, and the daytime programs are not affected, so the event will go on and we will still have fun and learn.   In a way, our volunteers will be even more critical on a cloudy night, so plan to stay, stars or no stars.

Dark-Sky Festival Volunteer Registration Form - If you have not already done so please fill this out. If you are not sure or have questions, email [email protected]

PLEASE, IMPORTANT NOTE: Completing this form and pressing the “submit!” button below does NOT complete your registration. You should receive an email requesting that you "confirm" your registration. You will be registered only when that is done. The purpose of this is to verify that your email address was entered correctly and that you are a real subscriber. If you don't get the confirmation request in a few minutes check your spam folder.

Volunteer Role *
Spouse *
Accomidations *

Please elaborate as needed on the above choices. If bringing a scope, describe it. If you have an idea for an activity, a presentation or a table provide a brief description in the "details" text block below.

Possible thursday night volunteers only BBQ and star party even ~$20 per.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you need help. [You will never receive commercial solicitations from this site, nor will your email address be provided to any other party. You can unsubscribe at any time and your email address will be deleted from our records.]

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