Stella's Night Sky Photo Contest

Nightscape photos bring the wonders of the night sky and the reality of our place in the universe to the urban and even rural public, where carelessness lighting has stolen the night.  A hunger for these images is evident on ANSA's Facebook group page. We are including a photo contest in our first-ever Dark-Sky Festival to encourage these images and spread awareness. 

Categories (Substantially inspired by IDA's Capture the Dark photo contest)

  • Connecting to the Dark – Experiencing a natural night provides perspective and inspiration that leads us to reflect on our humanity and place in the universe. Share a nightscape photo that evokes such reflections.
  • The Buffalo National River - The Buffalo is the state's only International Dark Sky Place.  Enter photos of the River's unique nightscape.
  • The Impact of Light Pollution – Share a shot that demonstrates the impact of light pollution, which includes images of terrible lighting, glare bombs, etc. (Must include information on the location and source of the lighting and any story that goes with it.)
  • The Bright Side of Lighting – Share a shot of lighting that respects the dark. (Must include information on the location and source of the lighting and any story that goes with it.)
  • Creatures of the Night – Light pollution doesn’t only erase our view of the stars, scientific evidence suggests that artificial light at night has negative and deadly effects on wildlife, including amphibians, birds, insects, and mammals. Share a photo of a creature that is impacted by light pollution.
  • Astro-photos – Share telescopic photos of planets and deep-sky objects. (Must include the name and type of object imaged.)
  • The Mobile Photographer – Share a shot from any of the above categories taken with a cell phone, tablet, or GoPro. No DSLR, mirrorless camera, or drone shots.

  • Images must have been taken in Arkansas;
  • Limit of one entry per person per category;
  • A photo may be entered in more than one category;
  • The submittal must be made not later than October 14th;
  • There must be a minimum of three entries for a category to be submitted for judging;
  • The winner will be chosen in each category by those attending the Dark-Sky Festival at Tyler Bend campground on October 21st and 22nd.  Runner-up awards may be made at the discretion of the Festival depending on the number of entries in a category and the closeness of the vote.

How to Enter

For each category entry, attach the entry photo to an email addressed to [email protected] with the category name in the subject line, and include the following information:

  • Photographer's name, email address, and phone #;
  • The approximate date and location of the photo;
  • A brief description of the equipment and technique used;
  • Any additional information about the subject of the photo required by the category or which seems desirable.

PS, we plan to include a night sky photography presentation and a workshop.  If you are willing to help with these, please email [email protected]  Thanks

Note: photographers retain ownership of images submitted, but agree that ANSA may display the images on its website and social media platforms and use them in various promotional and educational materials so long as credit is given to the photographer.  ANSA will not sell images or include them in items to be sold without express permission.


The Bright Side of Lighting


Buffalo National River

The Impact of Light Pollution

Connecting to the Dark

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