ANSA is making a difference by promoting Dark-Sky Places, promoting responsible lighting practices and policies, and marketing our State's dark-sky assets.
But it takes a bit of change to make change. Memberships, Merchandise sales, and Donations help fund our advocacy for nature at night. Thanks for your support.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For several reasons, we use Zeffy to handle our financial transactions.  Zeffy does not deduct a transaction fee; rather, it asks the purchaser for a donation.  We have no problem with that, but the suggested amount can be excessive.  Selecting “other” from the dropdown menu allows you to enter what you think is reasonable.  Ten percent or a bit more on the smallest purchases and five percent on larger ones seems reasonable.  If you experience problems with this page, please email [email protected]

MEMBERSHIPS (Joining and Renewing)

ANSA members get additional information about the organization's activities, priority notices of events, and discounts on some merchandise and events.  The main benefit is knowing you are supporting the work. If joining or renewing, please select the option below that best suits your interest and ability to help.  Thanks


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