When the sun goes down, a new perspective is revealed under a naturally dark sky. The faint starlight powered glow of the galaxy we inhabit emerges with its dark bands of occulting star soot and islands of star clouds all heralded by thousands of our nearest stellar neighbors and ornamented with the wandering planets and shooting stars.

The night sky was an intimate part of our Ancestor's world, clock, calendar, compass, even Netflix as they hung the stories of their hero's villains and gods upon the patterns they saw in the stars. But few people today hold such familiarity with this, nature's grandest spectacle, a natural dark sky. 


Stella, wants you to join the increasingly rare people who can navigate the night sky, understand what you are seeing, and confidently share that knowledge with others!

Observing 101 is a four-week series of weekly one-hour interactive online sessions with experienced sky watchers. You'll learn the principal constellations, how to find your way around the sky through the seasons, and even how to judge and record light pollution as a citizen scientist. Along the way, we will take a minute to learn about responsible lighting practices to protect the remaining night sky resource we seek to enjoy and the nocturnal environment it is a part of. 

Then, in the fourth session, we will take a virtual sky tour visiting open and globular star clusters, various kinds of nebulae, and even perhaps a galaxy or two as you might see them in a pair of binoculars -- all seasoned with a dab of constellation mythology. 

Complete an optional observing challenge program to solidify what you learn, and receive an attractive Certificate of Completion, which you can post on ANSA's Facebook page - or your wall. It will be a piece of cake for you after the first two program nights.


Ticket station and Registration!
Please register for the next series to start March 1, 2021.

Participation is free for ANSA, and CAAS members, park rangers, science teachers, and those who purchase ANSA's Learn the Constellations booklet -- and only $7.50 for others.

To sign up:

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  5. Reply as requested to the confirmation request.

You are done!  Thanks.

Any issues, email [email protected]

  Basic Registration Fee, $7.50.

This help cover the cost of Zoom and the balance goes for the cause.  Thanks

  Buy the guide, admission included, $12.50

A sky guide and/or computer application will be useful. Some apps are free, most nearly fee, but a book is nice. One option noted in the course outline is ANSA's own purpose made, Learn the Constellations booklet. For $5.00 extra its almost free (still insert "item number" from receipt).

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Don't say we don't have options. For $25 you can join ANSA and get the Learn the Constellations booklet and the course is, yes, free (still insert "item number" from receipt).

We will love you and have fun regardless of the route you take ! 🙂