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  1. Read the terms of participation below.
  2. Select and fill out the Host Site Application form (lower left button).  If you will be relying on an off-site observing location, not already listed on Stella's Observing Site Map, fill out the Observing Site form (lower right button) as well. (Note, if you can't type in a form, save it to your computer, then reopen it using adobe reader, or skip the PDF and just send the requested information in another document.
  3. Email completed form(s) to [email protected]
  4. Download the In Room Literature (middle button below) and place a color copy in each listed facility in a guest book, or laminated and left on a table, or other obvious location.

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Optional Download Material.  

Download Marketing a Dark-Sky for inspiration on how you can better highlight your dark-sky asset and Stella designation. Use the Binocular Guide if you provide Binoculars for your guests.

Stella The Night-Wise Owl Terms of Participation

The Stella program has been established by the Arkansas Natural Sky Association (ANSA) to promote enjoyment, access, and preservation of Arkansas’s remaining dark skies by assisting the consumer in finding host facilities in locations with dark skies that employ Responsible Lighting Practices. The program makes no effort to determine the suitability of the accommodation in any other respect and recipients of the Stella designation should not infer otherwise.

In allowing qualifying properties to participate in the program and to display Stella materials and logos, ANSA is not relinquishing ownership thereof and reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the terms of qualification with ninety days written notice. Further ANSA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to revoke a designation for a property, or group of properties that it finds inappropriate, misleading or damaging to the Stella program. Each applicant owning/managing a qualifying property agrees to notify ANSA immediately, by emailing [email protected], should conditions change at any previously designated property that would or might impact its qualification for the program and to promptly remove any references that might suggest that the property qualifies for the Stella program once a notice of disqualification is communicated. In accepting the Stella qualification each qualifying entity accepts the above stated terms.

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