Registration is a simple two-step process. 1) Review the important information on this page. 2) If you agree to the terms stated, click the event store link at the bottom of the page, where you can purchase your event registration ($5 per vehicle, plus $1 per person) and such festival merchandise as you desire. If you are volunteering, use the Volunteer link instead of the Festival Guest Registration link.

If camping onsite, use the PayPal link that you will be provided after registering. 

Note: Scouts who want to participate in the merit badge and dark sky patch program should download the scout program guide from the festival webpage.  The guide contains a link to sign up for that program. This is not necessary if the scout is part of a troop that has signed up as a troop.

In the Festival Store, in addition to purchasing your registration, which gets you an event decal, you will find memorabilia, like t-shirts, and functional items, such as red flash lights on neck lanyards, the scout Dark-Sky Event badge, and more. The t-shirt lets you remember the event, and the red lights help you enjoy it.

Festival Guest Conduct

For the safety and enjoyment of all and to protect the property of our host, campers and other event attendees are expected to observe the following conduct guidelines:

Daytime activities – Event campers have access to fishing and swimming in Bear Creek and may hike and mountain bike anywhere on the 1200-acre ranch.  A valid fishing license is required.  Only catch and consume on-site or release is allowed.  Clean fish away from the campsite areas and dispose of waste downstream.  No firearms on your person or off-road vehicles are allowed in the event activity area, as shown on the event map in the Festival Event Guide.  (Contact Bear Creek Log Cabins for the possible use of these elsewhere on the property.)  Passenger vehicles should remain on the existing paths and roads leading to campsites, parking, and observing areas.

Night Time Activities - It takes twenty minutes or more to fully dark-adapt your eyes. Exposure to white light will erase dark adaption.  So, white light flashlights, illumination sticks, cameras with flashes, and digital devices with screens (cell phones, tablets, etc.), unless used in a night vision mode (red screen), flashing shoes, and other illuminated body wear are not to be used in proximity to any observing activity.

Campers - Quiet hours in the camping area are from 11 pm - 7 am; please keep conversations and music down.  Individual Camp Fires are not allowed.  Minimize the use of artificial lighting around the campground, especially white light.  If you use one of the grills at the pavilion or RV spot, do not leave it unattended. Wet down ashes and put them in the ash can when finished.  When full, spread the dead cold ashes on the trail.  You may also cook at the pavilion on the table where electrical outlets are available, but please clean up after yourselves.

Environmental - No Glass containers are to be used outdoors during the event, anywhere on the grounds.  Do not litter or leave trash behind.  If you brought it in, carry it out with you or dispose of it in a designated trash or recycling collection device.

Pets - Sorry, but dogs, if allowed, would have to be on a leash, and dogs on a leash don't go well with telescopes.  So, no pets are allowed at the event.


Pat and Libby Conner and Bear Creek Log Cabins are in the business of providing cabins and, for this event, tent sites and access to lands owned by them along Bear Creek in Searcy County, AR, for recreational purposes.

In registering for this event, all attendees agree that their activities of any nature will be conducted in a safe, responsible manner and shall indemnify and hold harmless Pat & Libby and their employees and Bear Creek Log Cabins regarding any injuries I/we/our children or any of our group may receive because of the following but not limited to:

  • Boating on Bear Creek or on the private lake whether the canoe, boat, kayak, or flotation device belongs to me or Pat and Libby or Bear Creek Log Cabins.
  • Riding four-wheelers, any All-Terrain Vehicles, Bikes, or any type of vehicle on Bear Creek Log Cabin Property or County roads near our property, including the low water crossing.
  • swimming, and fishing on or around our property.
  • Coming in contact with wild or domestic animals, reptiles, and insects that may cause harm.
  • Visiting the Buttresses.
  • Using the Grills, staircases, and decks.

In addition, Bear Creek has very limited responsibility to the guest of this event who are not paying Bear Creek for access (non-campers) under the Arkansas Recreational Use Act and will assert that act against any claims made by commuting attendees.


ANSA’s management of this event is limited to the activities and presentations listed on the event program schedule.  Other activities that are available to event guests and campers allowed on the grounds, such as but not limited to hiking, swimming, off-roading, and fishing, are not part of the event, and ANSA assumes no responsibility for supervising or managing such activities.  Event Guests engage in such activities at their own risk. Further, ANSA is a not-for-profit charitable organization whose resources and efforts are focused on public education.  As such, ANSA is immune from suit and tort liability under Arkansas law beyond the limits of any insurance it may carry and will assert such immunity in the event of any claims for injury.

By proceeding with the registration process, I assert that I have read and understand the conduct guidelines above and the limits of liability and indemnity statements above and agree to their terms.  I further agree that I will convey these guidelines and terms to all others in my party who will also abide by these guidelines, terms, and limitations of liability.
Now, here are two quick notes before proceeding to registration and shopping. 1) ANSA uses Zeffy for our festival store. It charges us no fee on transactions. However, it asks for a "donation" for its services during payment. That money does not go to ANSA. Zeffy is justified in asking for a contribution, but if what is suggested seems high, you can click on the option box and select "other" to donate what you think is reasonable.  2) ANSA members should have their discount code handy before proceeding with the "Guest Registration" link below.  To volunteer, use the Volunteer Sign-up link.  
Guest Registration
Volunteer Sign-up

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask for help by emailing me at [email protected].

Thanks, Stella

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