Carroll Electric Campaign for Responsible Good Neighbor Lighting

Carroll Electric is the state's fourth-largest electric utility by customers served, and one of three electric coops that serve the beautiful Ozark region of our state. Many of the people who live in the region treasure its natural nighttime skies. Unfortunately, naturally dark skies are disappearing like a spring snowfall, making the Ozark region's skies an increasingly important and rare element of its natural beauty.

That the Buffalo River National Park, the State's only International Dark Sky Park, flows through CE's service area makes its outdoor lighting services of particular importance.  Ultimately, we haven't saved the river if we lose the skies over it and we will lose the sky if we continue to light carelessly.

Carroll Electric Distribution
Carroll Electic has taken some steps toward responsible lighting in response to our suggestions.  However, more needs to be done.  If you are a Carroll Electric member, please click here and join our list of supporters and encourage others to do the same. This project could set an example for all the coops and utilities in the state.  If you are not a Carroll Electric customer but want to help promote responsible lighting where you live  Click Here.

What is Proposed - the Six Star Electric Utility Responsible Outdoor Lighting Program:

  1. Install only zero-uplight outdoor lighting fixtures (As Ouachita Electric and Carroll Electic Currently do)
  2. Us warm-colored lighting of 3000 CCT or less (warm white color - 2700 much preferred).
  3. Install shielding on older fixtures upon request for $35 without a monthly maintenance fee as it can´t be justified and does not promote good neighbor policy (As First Electric does).
  4. Institute a program to allow customers of older fixtures to upgrade to the zero uplight fixtures (also as Ouachita Electric does).
  5. When transitioning to LED fixtures from heirloom open bottom fixtures, reduce the lumens by at least half for high-end fixtures and two thirds for open-bottom fixtures to avoid over-lighting.
  6. Institute a consumer education program on the environmental impacts of outdoor lighting and the principles of how to light responsibly.
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